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Fundamentals: Namespaces

A namespace is a named scope that contains a set of declarations.

To declare a namespace, use the namespace keyword.

namespace Foo;

When multiple files are in the same namespace, their declarations are merged together.

// file1.ara
namespace Foo;

const u8 MY_CONST = 1;
// file2.ara
namespace Foo;

const u8 MY_OTHER_CONST = 2;
// file3.ara
namespace Bar;

use Foo;

const u8 MY_CONST = Foo\MY_CONST;

Root Namespace

In the absence of a namespace declaration, the declarations are in the root namespace.

const int MY_CONST = 1;

Nested Namespaces

Namespaces can be nested.

namespace Foo\Bar;


Namespaces can be imported using the use keyword.

use Foo;

const int MY_CONST = Foo\MY_CONST;


Namespaces can be aliased using the as keyword.

namespace Foo;

use Bar\Baz as Qux;

const int MY_CONST = Qux\MY_CONST;

Reserved Namespaces

The following namespaces are reserved, and cannot be used:

  • Ara
  • Php

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