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Fundamentals: Identifiers

Identifiers are used to label variables, constants, functions, classes, interfaces, and other constructs in Ara code.

An identifier must start with a character from the unicode character set, or an underscore (_), followed by zero or more characters from the unicode character set, or digits (0-9).

variables, and class properties names must start with a $ sign.


namespace MyNamespace;

use MyOtherNamespace\MyClass;

type MyType = int;

const u8 MY_CONST = 1;

function my_function(): void {
    $my_variable = 1;

class MyClass {
    public int $myProperty = 0;

interface MyInterface {
    public function myMethod(): void;

enum MyEnum: int {
    case MY_VALUE = 1;

Licensed under either of the MIT License or the Apache License (Version 2.0), at your option.